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Teen Titans #1- Oh Cass, why can't you be more like Tim?

I picked up Teen Titans #1 recently and to be honest I was super excited about reading it because Tim Drake is my favourite DC-character. The artwork is really pretty and I especially love Bart's new clothes. Sadly, this is not going to be a post about how much I loved this issue and how much I'm looking forward to reading the rest of them because after having started out pretty good with Bart and Tim being cool and hero-like; Cass appeared, and I'm sorry but everything sort of went downhill from there.
What is it that I don't get and why the hell am I bothered enough to write about it? Well, I admit that I have only red A Kids Game previously and thus I am not all that familiar with the Titans, but I'm pretty sure Cass didn't act like this before the reboot? Perhaps I'm completely wrong and whining about something that has been the case forever and I guess the only way to justify that would be that even if something has always been one way, that doesn't mean it can not benefit from change.
My image of Cass pre-reboot:
-Pretty nice outfit. Especially put next to Starfire her clothes almost look normal.
-Stubborn and always doing things her own way.
-Doomed to forever play the love interest of the most relateable male character of the team.

Now, post reboot. Since this was supposed to be a good starting point for new readers, I won't take much of the old Cass into consideration. If I did, I would probably fuck it up anyway because I don't know her well enough due to my poor research.
Let's start with the new outfit. Because it honestly doesn't make any sense. At first she is wearing a skirt and a loose top as well as some boots. Pretty ordinary clothes, all is well. But then she becomes angry with Tim and does some Sailor Moon thing, causing her clothes change into some glittery body suit which is held up by nothing but her wonder-tits.
My problem with this is first and foremost that she had a pretty cool outfit before the reboot and it's a shame that they changed it so radically. Especially when the other character's seem to be changed just slightly to make them look more realistic, why did someone go batshit designing hers? And did the person who designed it put any thought into the practical aspect of it?
This has been said before and I am so sick of it not being some sort of golden rule when designing characters:
Characters who can fly will not benefit from their outfit sliding down when leaving the ground.

The face of someone who just beat the shit out of a killer helicopter.

Then there was the scene where she had stolen a car and was heading somewhere fast enough for a cop to pull her over. As he walks up to her she doesn't act like the bamf she was introduced as at all. Instead of trying to stare the cop down or just beat him up, which would seem pretty natural for her considering how she was hinted at being really hardcore; she just starts crying. I shit you not, this car-stealing badass uses her tears to get away from the police. And not only this, but when the police grabs her by her throat, she isn't the one to knock him unconcious. Tim is! Out of nowhere, Red Robin shows up and saves the lady in need. This bothers me so fucking much because of how sick I am of women being portrayed as if their only weapon is the fact that they are, well, women. Be it using their sexuality to corrupt honest, hardworking, men or just living on how guys feel sorry for them when they cry; it pisses me off all the same. Here is a list of reasons why:
1. There is nothing original about it.
2. It feeds the idea that the expression of female sexuality is bad.
3. It feeds the idea that women are manipulative, dishonest and evil.
(4. It makes some guys bitter because they honestly believe that we do this shit in real life and then I'm stuck defending us.)

I can't help but to feel a bit bitter that if a guy had been presented in the same situation as her, being given the same traits she supposedly has and the same powers, he would have thrown that officer halfway across the planet.

Image from Teen Titans #1, 2011

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